About Us

We seek excellence in everything we do.

Yard Properties is a company that aims to develop projects with a Positive Impact.


An elite new company full of innovative vision with the aspiration to contribute positively to the Real Estate Sector. 



The real estate sector is essential for the development of society and people's lives

Current Worldwide uncertainties and certain elements of the real estate sector cause enormous challenges.


Andwe see challenges as opportunities and look to the future with optimism.


We believe that more new technologies and methodologies will be incorporated into the real estate sector. This is essential to the development and already evolving.


Real estate projects must consider the direct and indirect impacts.


Our future depends on knowing how to manage and try to contribute positively to all these impacts.


Develop projects with a positive impact.

Considering the vision we have in the sector; Yard Properties intends to develop economically attractive projects that contribute favorably to society and the environment.


We are aware that the decisions we make in the present influence the future. That's why we aim to adopt innovative choices that, through the construction of unique buildings, have a positive impact.


With the aim of achieving economic profitability, people and the planet are at the heart of our decisions.

Our values

Solidity and Trust

Our biggest investment is in relationships. In trust, in commitment, in day-to-day delivery, building solidity in everything we do, say, and promise.

We take our commitments with great responsibility.

Social Responsibility

We want all the projects we develop to have, as far as possible, a positive social impact.

With this objective in mind, we intend to associate each project with a social cause by supporting a local institution. We will give direct support with a financial contribution and indirect support by spreading the social institution through the collaboration of our stakeholders. 

We believe that all small contributions together make great causes.


This is the central pillar present in all the others.
People are present in all our decisions.

We intend to create a cohesive and motivated team, collaborating in the development of each person and enhancing what each one has to give.
Our projects are made by people and for people.


We intend to put innovative ideas into our projects to transform each process which will contribute to achieving our goals. Innovation is a catalyst for change, which will play a key role in improving the results obtained.

We intend to look at all situations with a creative spirit and implement solutions that allow us to do better, with more positive impacts and less impact on the environment.

Environmental responsibility

This is one of the concerns we share with society. Knowing that the real estate sector has a significant weight in world consumption and that it will continue to do so, we intend to incorporate in our projects technologies that, during the use of the property, allow the reduction of waste and energy consumption.

On the other hand, taking into account that all projects have an environmental footprint, our commitment is to analyze material, equipment and process options that, within the available budget, allow us to minimize the environmental impact.

Our team

David Rabbi Group

David Rabbi Group was founded by David Rabi, a lawyer and international entrepreneur who has been heavily involved in multiple successful real estate developments in Europe, overseeing several investment projects in recent years.

David Rabi

David Rabbi


David has over a decade of experience collaborating with companies on International Regulation, Licensing, Compliance, Financial Services and Real Estate.


He developed work in several countries, from UK, Switzerland, Israel, Dubai, Portugal, among others.


This fact makes it have an international view of the market and knowledge of world trends.


In recent years he has been an entrepreneur in the creation of several businesses, namely related to Fintech.


"As an entrepreneur active in several cities and countries around the world, I am confident that Lisbon has enormous potential to continue to develop as one of Europe's main capitals.


I feel home in Portugal.


Portugal has everything you could ever dream of: 365 sunny days a year, safety, delicious food, low cost of living, good education & international schools, friendly & open people. "

José Pedro Borges

José Pedro Borges


Degree in Business Management from ISCTE.


Postgraduate in Real Estate Management and Valuation at ISEG.


He developed most of his professional career at Banco BPI (Caixabank Group) where he performed different leadership roles in the commercial area.


Started following the real estate industry approximately 10 years ago. During this period, he monitored and analyzed several relevant projects from the main promoters, having been responsible for contracting and managing several financing operations.


This experience allowed him to gain a holistic view and get to know the best that is done in the real estate sector.


“I believe that this sector plays a fundamental role in people's lives and that it should contribute to building a better society for all.


I take on this huge challenge proposed by David with the conviction that together, through the development of real estate projects, we will cause positive impacts.


This is a challenge that accompanies me daily.”

Ana Torrão

Ana Torrão

Sales Manager

During her professional career, Ana has always invested in her education, having two degrees and several additional programs.


Has Graduate in Education from Universidade Aberta, Degree in Philosophy from Universidade Católica, Post-Graduate in Sociology and Education from ISCTE, General Program of Management and Marketing at Católica, Certificate Associate Coach by the International School of Professional Coaching, Certificate of Trainers.


In addition, Ana has oral and written command of English, German, French and Spanish.


Ana developed a large part of her professional career at TAP. She has over 30 years of customer service experience in managing teams.

Among other functions, she was a line instructor and trainer accumulating with that of cabin supervisor.


In recent years she has dedicated to Real Estate, having performed the commercial role with great success.

All the experience acquired allows her to have the ability to listen to Customers, understand what they want and present the best solutions for each case.


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